No go-to-market strategy, lacking knowledge of entering international markets, no revenue after crowdfunding campaign have been the pain of new startups in this innovation-overload era. The result is no traction and no funding to survive.

VentureFace is founded to solve the pains by providing end-to-end go-to-market consulting and real-world business development services, including channel building and localised marketing to help new brands/startups to cross the market chasm, so that the innovation's true commercial potential can be realised. 

在這個創新爆炸的時代裡,沒有進入市場策略、缺乏走向國際市場的know how、群眾募資後營收一落千丈已經成為新創公司最大的痛點。無法走入市場與創造成長曲線,導致新創公司募資困難,難以存活。

冒險臉譜(VentureFace)的成立是為了要解決這些商業痛點。冒險臉譜同時具備新創企業開發與市場銷售的能力和豐富經驗,提供端到端的營銷顧問與商業開發服務(end-to-end business development service),包含國際通路開發管理和在地化的行銷服務,幫助新創公司跨越市場鴻溝,讓創新的商品和服務的商業潛力被實現。

VentureFace Services:

  • Business Development Consultancy
  • International Channel Building/Management (Service Fee + Commission)
  • Localised Social Markeitng and PR Strategies and Implementation


  • 商業拓展顧問
  • 國際市場銷售通路開發與管理(固定費用+銷售抽成)
  • 在地化社群媒體行銷和公關服務


Taipei City, Taiwan

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